SCRIP simply means substitute money.  In other words, scrip is a gift card/gift certificate from national and local retailers.  These retailers agree to sell their gift cards to non-profit organizations like ours at a discount. We then sell those certificates at face value, resulting in a profit for our school and church.

We partner with the Great Lakes Scrip Center to order our school's scrip certificates.

Example:  You buy a $100 grocery certificate for $100.  The school actually purchased that certificate for $95 (a 5% discount).  The result is a $5 profit for our school.  You have spent nothing extra but have raised $5 for our school and church and received tuition credit too!

Take a few minutes to watch this informative video that helps explain this wonderful program.  
Proceeds Benefit:  50% school, 25% church, 25% tuition credit.


Parent Service Requirement - SCRIP: All families are required to participate in the SCRIP program. Each family will be asked to purchase a minimum of $750 in SCRIP each fiscal year ending June 30. Any family choosing not to participate in SCRIP will have the option of buying out of the program for $250.00. Failure to meet the minimum purchase requirement, or participate in the buyout option, will result in withholding report cards/fall registration, with remaining balances being charged to the family’s FACTS account for payment, not to exceed the $250 buyout fee. 

Coordinator:  Ashley Rogucki