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 Concerning K-12 Instruction & Tuition During the COVID19 Pandemic


Since remote learning is continuing through the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, any school family that needs assistance with obtaining technology or with the delivery of e-learning during the COVID19 pandemic should refer to the school’s Remote Learning Plan and contact the teacher(s) and/or principal at your school. 


If anyone is experiencing a financial difficulty or challenge at this time, please contact your school principal or pastor/chaplain for the availability of assistance with tuition aid. 

Extra Info

If families do not have internet access, there are several providers who are now providing free internet access due to the pandemic.  From our research:


“In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, schools across the nation are ceasing face-to-face instruction and moving to online learning.  Consequently, a number of Internet service providers are making provisions to provide free (or heavily discounted) Internet service to low income families:”


In addition, several education vendors are providing free subscriptions to their cloud-based learning tools during school closings from the coronavirus.*PvU7qdB-6f_X4uD6UhfoYA



Effective March 14, 2020, all athletic and extracurricular practices AND scheduled games/events are canceled until further notice.