2016 - 2017 Corpus Christi Volleyball

All Home Games:

Corpus Christi Elementary Gymnasium







Please arrive 10 minutes early to help set up and be ready to start at the beginning of practice (shoes tied, knee pads on, hair up, shirts tucked in, water bottles full)



Start date for 5-6 VB is Dec 1 due to gym availability…


Thursday Dec 1                    3:30-5 JHIGH

Friday Dec 2                         5-6:30 ELEM

Saturday Dec 3                    10-11:30 JHIGH


Monday Dec 5                      OFF

Tuesday Dec 6                     OFF

Wednesday Dec 7               OFF

Thursday Dec 8                    OFF

Friday Dec 9                         6:30-8 JHIGH

Saturday Dec 10                  11:30-1 JHIGH


Monday Dec 12                    3:30-4:30 ELEM

Tuesday Dec 13                   6:30-8 JHIGH

Wednesday Dec 14                         OFF

Thursday Dec 15                 3:30- 5 JHIGH

Friday Dec 16                       3:30- 5 JHIGH

Saturday Dec 17                  VOLLEYBALL 101 for ALL Starting at 1:00- Finish no later than 2:30 at the ELEM (wear gym shoes and comfortable clothing)


Monday Dec 19                    3:30- 5 JHIGH

Tuesday Dec 20                   3:30- 5 ELEM

Wednesday Dec 21                         OFF

Thursday Dec 22                 8-9:30 AM ELEM

Friday Dec 23                       8-9:30 AM ELEM


Off Dec 24-Jan 1                  Enjoy the Holidays!

Coach: Stacey Niepagen

Day Date   Opponent Place Time Teams    
Thurs 5-Jan   Pontiac SM   A 5:30pm 5/6th    
Thurs 12-Jan   Pontiac SM   H 6pm 5/6th    
Tues 17-Jan   Champ. Holy Cross   A 6pm 5/6th    
Thurs 19-Jan   Pontiac   H 6pm 5/6th    
Sat 21-Jan   Eureka   H 10am 6th Only (3 Matches)
Thurs 26-Jan   Dee-Mack   A 6pm 5/6th    
Thurs 2-Feb   El Paso   H 6pm 5/6th    
Mon 6-Feb   Roanoke Benson   H 6pm 5/6th    
Tues 7-Feb   Epiphany   H 6pm 5/6th    
Thurs 9-Feb   Pontiac   A 5:30pm 5/6th    
Sat 11-Feb   Roanoke Benson   A TBD 6th Only    
Mon 13-Feb   Tri-Valley   H 6pm 5/6th    
Thurs 16-Feb   Epiphany   A 5:30pm 5/6th    
Fri/Sat 2/17-2/18   Eureka   A TBD 5th Only    
Mon 20-Feb   El Paso   A 6pm 5/6th    
Tues 21-Feb   Eureka   A 6:15pm 5/6th    
Tues 28-Feb   Tri-Valley   A 6pm 5/6th    

Head Coach: Lane O'Connor

2017 Corpus Christi 7/8th Volleyball Schedule      
Thurs 12-Jan @BJHS   A 4:30pm    
Mon 16-Jan @Evans    A 4:30pm    
Mon 23-Jan Kingsley   H 5:30pm    
Tues 24-Jan Epiphany (B) H 5:30pm    
Thurs 26-Jan Heyworth (B) H 5:30pm    
Mon 30-Jan Chiddix   H 5:30pm    
Tues 31-Jan Eureka   H 5:30pm    
Thurs 2-Feb @ Tri-Valley (B) A 5:30pm    
Mon 6-Feb @Blue Ridge (No B Game) A 5:30pm    
Tues 7-Feb @Olympia A 5:00pm    
Thurs 9-Feb @Fisher (B) A 5:30pm    
Mon 13-Feb @ Pontiac St. Mary's (B) A 5:00pm    
Tues 14-Feb @ Metcalf A 5:00pm     
Thurs 16-Feb Ridgeview (B) H 5:30pm    
Sat 18-Feb 7th SVC @ Blue Ridge TBA     
Mon 20-Feb Lexington (B) H 5:30pm    
Thurs 23-Feb LeRoy (No B Game)   H 5:30pm    
    (8th Night)        
Fri 24-Feb 8th SVC @ Tri-Valley TBA    
Sat` 25-Feb 8th SVC @ Tri-Valley TBA    
State Series            
2/25 - 3/1   7th Regional 3/3 - 3/8   8th Regional
6-Mar   7th Sectional 12-Mar   8th Sectional
3/10 & 3/13 7th State   3/17 & 3/20 8th State