Mrs. Regina Stenger - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Regina Stenger - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Regina Stenger - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Regina Stenger - 3rd Grade








Daily Assignments

Some are given as long term assignments so please check the "week at a glance" section as well to see some of the upcoming things


Religion: Ch. 4 Pages-TH  Quiz-F

English: #31

Reading: none

Spelling: Pretest-W    Pages & Test-TH

Math: none

Science: none

Social Studies: wk-W

 Writing: Practice cursive






OCTOBER 16-20 ~ Spirit Week
OCTOBER 18~ Mass/Adoration
OCTOBER 20 Grandparents Day 1:00 










Science link:

Reading link:

Religion link:







































































Classroom Rules

1.  Listen carefully

2.  Follow directions

3.  Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working.

4.  Respect others.  Be kind with your words and actions.

5.  Respect school and personal property.

6.  Work and play safely



Classroom Consequences:

1 Green Card~ Great!!!

2.  Yellow card~ Warning

3.  Blue Card~ Recess laps/meeting

4.  Orange Card~ Note Home (signed by teacher, home, office)


Grading Scale

   100  A+

   99-95  A

   94  A-

   93  B+

   92-87  B

   86  B-

   85  C+

   84-77  C

   76  C-

   75  D+

   74-69  D

   68  D-

   67 and below  F

                                                                                                OCTOBER 16-20


 Religion: Ch. 4 How the Church Began

 Spelling: Lesson 9

Reading: Genres

 Math: Ch. 1 Place Value/Rounding/Substraction

English/Writing: #29-32

  Science: Ch. 2 Living Things Grow & Change

Social Studies: Urban/Suburban/Rural