Mrs. Debbi Blue - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Debbi Blue - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Debbi Blue - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Debbi Blue - 3rd Grade

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Mrs. Blue: Room 3-E

Third Grade Deluxe

Where life is an enjoyable educational adventure!

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We are winners!
Thanks for all the Track-a-thon Support!
Our class get a pizza party!!!!

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Teeth Pulled this year: 9

Teeth pulled last year: 93

Record number of teeth pulled in one year: 125

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Parents, try a new way of saying, "How was your day?"


What's this I hear about a BROTHER that is a BOTHER?

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Kids: Earn Cash

How long does it take for the Earth to travel around the sun?



  • Last update: 10-21-17
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    Religion: Chapter 5
    We Learn About the Early Church
    Test: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

    The children will be asked to read about a saint and then prepare a short talk telling what they have learned.
  • Presentation Date: Friday, November 10. 2017
  • There will be a demonstration on Friday, October 27th.
    A template to guide them will be provided, but they will need a little help from home.
    In addition they will need to do one of the following:
    1) dress up as their saint
    2) dress up a doll or a bear as their saint
    3) draw a 4-5' picture of their saint

    Helpful information of popular saints can be found at the following site.
  • Unfortunately you cannot just search for a particular saint, but the verbiage is well done.



Assigned: a book report for a folk tale or fairy tale
There will be a paper to complete, but there is also an oral component.
Children will share their books on Friday, Oct. 27th


  SPELLING: Unit 10

Monday: Words written 4x"s each

Wednesday night: Parents correct and sign pre-test

Thursday: Workbook pages completed 

Thursday: Post-test w/ dictated sentences

Friday: New unit assigned



Simple Solutions: #33-36



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Coming sFriday, Oct. 27th : Unit test for Urban/Suburban/Rural
Study guide will be stapled in your child's planner.
Watch for it.


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Geometry: point, line, line segment, ray, angle

right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle

right triangle, equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle


Play games on the computer that will help you practice your facts!




  • Use the link below to practice vocabulary and sometimes the test questions.
  • Look for the game Rags to Riches


Thanks for inviting St. Francis and Brother Rufus into your home.

They are easy to care for.

  • Fresh food and water once a day.
  • Avoid drafts from windows or vents.
  • Cover them at night or when they are noisy.
  • Before transporting the birds/cage, empty the water to prevent spillage.
  • ENJOY!

(If a bird escapes, throw a towel or small blanket over them when they land somewhere. 

Then gently pick them up with the blanket and deposit them back into the cage.)

General Classroom Rules:

  • Don't have too much fun.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Stay in uniform.
  • Turn your work in on time.
  • Be giving and forgiving.
  • If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
  • Stay out of trouble.
  • Be appropriate in speech and action. There is a time and place for everything.

Lesson Time Rules:

  • Raise your hand to speak.
  • Stay in your seat.
  • Pay attention to the lesson.


  • 1st offense = warning
  • 2nd offense = recess discussion and teacher designated activity
  • 3rd offense = recess discussion with additional teacher designated activity
  • 4th offense = parents & principal notified

Maxims to live by:

  • Things always work out for the best.
  • All things in moderation.
  • God works in strange and mysterious ways. Blessed be the name of God.

Born: Holy Thursday, 1952

Raised: On the farm with the corn and soybeans

Birth Order: 3rd of 4


  • St. Mary's School,Sublette, IL
  • Mount St. Clare Academy, Clinton, IA
  • University of Illinois (B.A.; M.Ed.), Urbana, IL GO ILLINI!!


Teaching Experience:

  • Johnsburg, IL, '74-'79
  • Prairie Central Schools, IL,'79-'82
  • Corpus Christi Schools, Bloomington, '92-present

Husband: Stephen (hard-working dentist)


  • Stephanie Blue Fletcher (Resource librarian at the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries of the Art Institute of Chicago; lives in Evanston, IL, with her historian husband Chris, delightful son Theo and precious daughter Gracie)
  • Micki Blue Parr (Academic adviser at Virginia Commonwealth University; lives in North Chesterfield, VA, with her archaeologist husband Christopher, imaginative son Roman, and darling daughter Laney )
  • Kayla Blue (English teacher at Central Catholic High School; lives in Bloomington)



  • grandkids,  reading, boating, museums, live theater, concerts, word-play, Sudoku, shopping

Pet Peeves:

  • Drivers who can't function at a 4-way stop.
  • People who snap and pop their gum or chew gum in church.
  • People who mark their place in a book by folding over the corner of the page ! ! ! ! !
  • People who wear too much perfume. (Or any perfume for that matter!)
  • People who talk on their cell phone while at the check-out counter.

What I listen to:

  • Everyone's Got 'Em / White Ghost Shivers
  • Give Me All You've Got/Carrie Rodriguez
  • Zero Church / Suzie Roche
  • Adieu False Heart / Linda Ronstadt
  • Soundtrack/ Crazy Heart
  • Come On, Come On/ Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • Soundtrack/ A Prairie Home Companion

Favorite Actors: Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Woody Harrelson, Bill Nighy

Favorite Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Renee Zellweger, Frances McDormand, Dame Judith Dench, Helen Mirren, Katherine Heigl

Favorite Food Combo: Crispy (burned) pork (bacon, ham, ribs, you-name-it) and COLD COLD milk

Favorite Candy:  Twizzlers

Favorite Drinks:  raspberry lemonade

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Thing I Can't Tolerate: scented candles

Favorite Restaurants: Biaggi's, Gill St. Bar & Grill, Chili's, Mandarin Garden

Favorite places to lose track of time:   the screen porch, libraries, bookstores, the greeting-card section of any store,  my living room musing over picture albums, in front of the computer

Things I can't resist buying:  socks, picture frames, plates, hats

Where to look for me if I am lost:  Effingham

Places where I like to wander:  cemeteries, National parks, public gardens, along the beach, footpaths to anywhere

Words to live by:

  • All things in moderation.
  • Things always work out for the best.
  • God works in strange ways.
  • This too will pass.

 Favorite quotes:

  • God is a verb. ~Buckminster Fuller
  • There's always a place closer than the last. ~Bert Butler
  • Unlike human authority figures, God's primary concerns have to do with your well-being, not your performance. ~Vinita Hampton Wright
  • I was miserable but I had been miserable before. All three years of junior high school spring to mind. ~Sarah Vowell
  • I am two parts loner and one part joiner. --Sarah Vowell
  • Everything will be all right in the end... if it's not all right then it's not the end. . --from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel