Mrs. Peg Kuntz - 1st Grade

Mrs. Peg Kuntz - 1st Grade

Mrs. Peg Kuntz - 1st Grade

Mrs. Peg Kuntz - 1st Grade

                           Mrs. Kuntz-1st Grade

                                                                                                         Welcome to 1st Grade!  

                 Saint Michael Prayer for the freedom of the Catholic
                                                                                                      Church in America!

                                                                                  St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle;
                    be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
                               May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
                            and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host,
                                     by the Divine power of God,
                         cast into hell Satan and all the other evil spirits
                    who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

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  A look at our
week:  February 25-March 1
 Religion- We will take a quiz on Monday over Chapter 11.  This chapter is about how the Holy Spirit helped the first followers of Jesus and how the Holy Spirit continues to help our Church.

                             Reading:  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
                                                                              Comprehension skill: non-fiction
                                                                               Phonics:  endings -es, -s                            
                                                                                Grammar: Verbs 
  endings -es, -s
                             Word Wall Words-were, under, water, right, why
                             Challenge Words-crunches, stings, splashes, benches
                Writing:  We will continue to journal and write:  compare and                           contrast George and Abe
                Math:  We will begin to use our skills to find number patterns to 120.
                Science:  We will learn about animals and their habitats.
            Social Studies:  We will read Scholastic I Have a Wiggly Tooth

                               Friday:  Spelling, Fact and Opinion/ABC order
                              Monday:  Math page 127/128

                              Tuesday:  Math page 129/130
                              Wednesday:  Math page 131/132
                              Thursday:  Study for spelling
                              Friday:  Spelling, Math page 133/134








Word Wall Words:

Kindergarten Words:

nine  two   was  six   black  we   green  all  and   have   of   orange   purple   little

what   can  be  do  here  will  seven  are   said   eight  see  look  to   in   the  four

you   no   one  like  go  ten  I  for  three   red   come  my   they  on   blue   from  

yellow   it   five   a   where   at   am   is    that   yes    with    he   day   she   me





Unit 1-

 Week 1:  in, on, way

 Week 2:  and, take, up

 Week 3:  get, help, use

 Week 4:  eat, her, this, too

 Week 5:  saw, small, tree, your

 Week 6:  home, into, many, them

Unit 2-

Week 1:  catch, good, no, put, want

Week 2:  be, could, horse, old, paper

Week 3:  live, out, people, who, work

Week 4:  down, inside, made, most, now, there, time, together

Week 5:  around, find, first, food, grow, under, water, when

Week 6:  also, family, long, more, new, other, some, their

Week 7:  any, because, been, off, very, way


Unit 3-

Week 1:  always, become, day, everything, nothing, stays, things

Week 2:  enough, ever, every, own, sure, were

Week 3:  always, car, friends, house, our, school

Week 4:  afraid, again, few, how, read (both pronunciations), soon

Week 5:  done, know, push, visit, wait,

Week 6:  before, does, good-bye, oh, right, won't


Unit 4:

Week 1:  about, gives, enjoy, surprise, surprised, worry, would

Week 2:  colors, draw, drew, great, over, show, sign

Week 3:  found, mouth, once, took, wild

Week 4:  above, eight, laugh, moon, touch

Week 5:  picture, remember, room, stood, thought

Week 6:  because, dance, only, opened, shoes, told


Unit 5:

Week 1:  along, behind, eyes, heavy, never, pulling, toward 

Week 2:  door, loved, should, wood

Week 3:  among, another, instead, none

Week 4:  against, goes, heavy, kinds, today

Week 5:  built, early, learn, science, through

Our Classroom Rules:

1.  Follow directions quickly!

2.  Raise your hand for permission to speak!

3.  Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat!

4.  Make smart choices!

5.  Keep your dear teacher happy!



1.  Verbal warning to child.

2.  If behavior continues, child moves his/her stick to the yellow circle and misses 5 minutes of recess.

3.  If behavior continues, child moves his/her stick to the red circle.  He/She will miss entire recess and a note will be sent home to parents.