Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts



I pray everyone has a blessed Advent season!

Everyone is working on a writing project:
6th graders will begin a new writing project, writing specific directions on how to make something.
7th graders will begin a new individual writing project after Thanksgiving.  They will write about inclusion and treating others with respect.  They  began writing sports magazines with their tables.
8th graders began a new writing project about an aspect of WWII to tie in with our reading of the Diary of Anne Frank.

Everyone will begin their biography projects after Christmas!  Maybe they could ask Santa for a good biography to read!

  6th graders are reading Esperanza Rising.  We have four chapters remaining!
7th graders will begin Fever 1793
8th graders will continue reading Diary of Anne Frank.

In English all are off to a good start, learning new things, and learning the importance of taking good notes.  
6th graders will continue with our chapter on sentences.
7th graders will discuss irregular verbs this week.
8th graders are finishing their chapter on modifiers and will take a test Thursday.


6th Grade
Simple Solutions 57-60 with the quiz Friday
Esperanza Rising chapter 8 is due Tuesday.
Esperanza Rising chapter 9 will be due next week.
Spelling is due Friday.
English page 53 # 1-10, page 54

7th Grade
Simple Solutions 57-60 with the quiz Friday.
Spelling quiz 9 is Friday.
Fever 1793 chapters 1-4 are due Thursday.
English pages 121-123 # 1-45 is due Wednesday
English page 169 is due Friday

8th Grade
Simple Solutions 57-60 with quiz Friday
Anne Frank quiz 1 is Tuesday
English page 221-224 is due Tuesday
English test over modifiers is Thursday



























 We will begin the year studying types of sentences and the parts of those sentences. 6th graders will study compound sentences this week.

The 6th graders will begin a new writing project this week.  With their table, they are to write specific instructions for a task for their classmates to do.  The directions need to be clear enough for the other students to have success.

In literature we will are continuing Esperanza Rising.  
This novel is quite long and will take us the bulk of the first half of the year.  This week we will finish chapter 8 and begin chapter 9.










7th graders will begin their year discussing verbs.  This year they will take a quiz after every two lessons.       This week we will continue studying irregular verbs.  We will take another quiz before Christmas break.

We will continue table project this week.  The 7th graders will create a sports magazine using information from the novel Heat.
This week 7th graders will begin a new individual paper about inclusion and treating those who are differently-abled with respect.

We will begin a new novel entitled Fever 1793.  It is about a family living in Philadelphia during an outbreak of yellow fever.  This week we will read chapters 1-4.



















8th grade ELA is going to be fun!  You will have lots of interesting writing projects, read some intriguing novels, master skills necessary for high school.

In English, we will begin the year with adjectives.  Like last year, you will take a quiz after every two lessons.  This week we will review adverbs and move on to comparing with adverbs.This week we will begin to prepare for the chapter test which will be Thursday!                   

8th graders will continue a partner writing project this week.  The topic will revolve around our reading of  The Diary of Anne Frank. 

  8th graders will take a quiz over the first three sections of our reading.  The quiz will cover "All But My Life", "Anne Frank, a Young Girl",and "Anne Frank's House"  We will begin reading the Diary of Anne Frank Friday.

8th graders' 2nd trimester skill will be identifying parts of speech is a variety of sentences.  The test will be at the end of the trimester.





















Bonus activities:  choose any of the bonus activities for your grade level. 

6th grade bonus activities:

Appositive Interview:  Interview an classmate.  Write your questions first, including some that will have the names of people, places, or things in the answer.
Use facts from the interview in an informative paragraph.  Include appositives, such as the ones in the example below.  Write the possessive nouns correctly.

Angela Perkins, a sixth-grader, lives on Maple Street.  Angela's main interest is pets.  She has pet chickens and takes care of Goldy, her family's cat.  She also walks two neighbors' dogs, Spike and Charlie.



7th grade bonus activities:

1. Choose two nouns that are opposites, such as morning and evening.  Write a seven-line poem about them.  Center each line to make a diamond.  Write one noun in line one and the other in line seven.  Write the following in lines 2-6:  Line two: two adjectives that describe  the noun in line one.  Line three:  three present participles that describe the noun in line one.  Line four: four nouns that relate to either the noun in line one or in line seven.  Line five: Three present participles that describe the noun in line seven.  Line six: two adjectives that describe the noun in line seven.


                                                                                    dark, mysterious

                                                                             falling, lasting, changing

                                                                       stars, sunshine, moonlight, mist

                                                                           breaking, shining, dawning

                                                                                     light, beautiful




8th grade bonus activities:

 1. Clause Capers:  Choose a subordinating conjunction from page 408.  Write a subordinate clause starting with that conjunction. Make each following word begin with the next letter of the conjunction. Underline the first letter of each word.  Then add an independent clause to form a complex sentence.  See how many sentences you can write using the same subordinating conjunction.


                                     Unless Ned Lehman eats some supper, he won't have energy for the soccer game.