Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

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Welcome Back! It was great seeing everyone last night!  I'm looking forward to getting started again next week.  Enjoy the next few days off!

We are going to be starting off strong!  More information can be found on your grade level page.

Be sure to take some time to look over my website.  I update the information each week, giving you information about what we're doing in class each week as well as projected assignments and projects for each grade level.
Don't hesitate to email me with any questions you may have!
Throughout the year, students will do a variety of writing assignments and projects in class where they will use the schools laptops. It is really important for the them to have a USB flash drive so they can save their work.






These assignments are projected and may be subject to change if the schedule should be changed, if our pace is not as quick as I predicted, or if we need to spend a bit more time on the lesson.  Assignments won't be due any earlier; however, they maybe pushed back a day or two!


6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


























For English 6th graders will start off with a unit on types of sentences.  It's a rather long unit, so we will be spending the bulk of the first trimester in this unit.  Quizzes will be given after four lessons have been covered.

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For literature, we will spend the first two weeks studying The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  Students will work with their tables to read, study, and complete activities revolving around this children's book.  All work needs to be completed by Labor Day.

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 For  writing 6th graders will be given a poster with questions about themselves that they will fill out and share in class after Labor Day.

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In English 7th graders will begin with a unit on verbs.  In 7th grade, a quiz is given after every two lessons.  Taking good notes and following along with the smart board exercises will help you be successful on the quizzes.

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For literature, we will begin by reading Heat by Mike Lupica.  This is the story of a young Puerto Rican boy named Miguel, orphaned at a young age, and living a life full of secrets.  After reading this novel, students will work with their tables to create sports magazines.

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 For writing, 7th graders will begin the year by writing a paper about someone special in their lives.  All instruction and guidelines for the paper will be given in class.  The final paper must be completed on word processor and is due September 7th.

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8th graders will begin English with a study of pronouns. As we did in 7th grade, we will have a quiz over the material after every two lessons.  It is imperative that 8th graders perfect their note-taking skills in that this skill will be necessary for success in high school.

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In literature 8th graders will be reading the novel Zach's Lie by Roland Smith.  This is the story of a junior high student named Zach, whose family is forced to go under cover in the witness relocation system.  The book is a fun, easy read to begin the year with.

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For writing, 8th graders will be working on two projects.  For their independent writing project, 8th graders will write a paper on how they can show good leadership during their 8th grade year.  The essay is due Friday, August 31.

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For their table writing project, 8th graders will study a fairy tale, complete activities about the elements of a fairy tale, and will choose a  culminating project to present to the class.  The packet and the culminating project are due October 5.

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Bonus activities:  choose any of the bonus activities for your grade level. 

6th grade bonus activities:

Appositive Interview:  Interview an classmate.  Write your questions first, including some that will have the names of people, places, or things in the answer.
Use facts from the interview in an informative paragraph.  Include appositives, such as the ones in the example below.  Write the possessive nouns correctly.

Angela Perkins, a sixth-grader, lives on Maple Street.  Angela's main interest is pets.  She has pet chickens and takes care of Goldy, her family's cat.  She also walks two neighbors' dogs, Spike and Charlie.



7th grade bonus activities:

1. Choose two nouns that are opposites, such as morning and evening.  Write a seven-line poem about them.  Center each line to make a diamond.  Write one noun in line one and the other in line seven.  Write the following in lines 2-6:  Line two: two adjectives that describe  the noun in line one.  Line three:  three present participles that describe the noun in line one.  Line four: four nouns that relate to either the noun in line one or in line seven.  Line five: Three present participles that describe the noun in line seven.  Line six: two adjectives that describe the noun in line seven.


                                                                                    dark, mysterious

                                                                             falling, lasting, changing

                                                                       stars, sunshine, moonlight, mist

                                                                           breaking, shining, dawning

                                                                                     light, beautiful




8th grade bonus activities:

 1. Clause Capers:  Choose a subordinating conjunction from page 408.  Write a subordinate clause starting with that conjunction. Make each following word begin with the next letter of the conjunction. Underline the first letter of each word.  Then add an independent clause to form a complex sentence.  See how many sentences you can write using the same subordinating conjunction.


                                     Unless Ned Lehman eats some supper, he won't have energy for the soccer game.