Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Have a peaceful, prayerful Advent!

Welcome to the second trimester!  Lots of good things in store for everyone!

        Students will be beginning new novels and writing projects in ELA.  It's a busy time in ELA!  
6th grade is finishing their chapter on sentences.  We have one lesson to complete before we begin studying for the test!
6th graders are working with their tables, writing an essay on what they would ask for if given three wishes!  

7th grade is continuing Fever 1793 and will be working on their sports magazine.  They are continuing their work on verbs, and this week will finish their study of transitive vs intransitive verbs.

8th grade read the precursor to Diary of Anne Frank and will take a quiz over the information they've read on Wednesday of this week.  We will begin reading Diary of Anne Frank on Thursday.  The 8th graders will continue working on their research project based on this novel.





6th Grade
Simple Solutions 61-64 with the quiz on Friday

Table writing on :"Three Wishes"
English book page 63 #1-12
Spelling lesson 15 due Friday


7th Grade
Simple Solutions 61-64 with the quiz on Friday
Spelling quiz lesson 14 on Friday
English book pages 130-131 # 1-30; page 171
Fever 1793 chapters 8-11 due next week

8th Grade

Simple Solutions 61-64 with the quiz on Friday
Spelling quiz lesson 14 on Thursday
Diary of Anne Frank quiz on Wednesday
Diary of Anne Frank pages 696-710 due next week
English book pages 327-329 # 1-22
Anne Frank research projects





























We will continue our chapter types of sentences.  We will discuss fragments and run-ons this week and will begin studying for their chapter test.

  We will begin making a Christmas gift for our buddy classes this week and give them to our friends when we see them before Christmas.

6th graders read a play last week and will work with their tables writing an essay on what they would wish for if they had three wishes.

In literature we will begin Maniac Magee next week.

See the source image 










In English, 7th graders will continue studying verbs.  We've covered verb and verb phrases. This week we discuss progressive tenses and will take the quiz next week.  In 7th grade the students take an open-note quiz after every two lessons.  Taking good notes is of the utmost importance.

This week 7th graders will finish discussing transitive vs intransitive verbs this week and will move on to direct vs indirect objects next week.

7th graders will begin working on their sports magazines in class.  They were given the assignment and scoring rubric, and should be able to get some good work done this week.

In literature, we will begin reading Fever 1793.  This week we will read chapters 8-11.

See the source image 



















8th graders are working on pronouns in English.  8th graders take a quiz after every two lessons to make sure they are strong in their abilities.  The quizzes are open-note, so taking good notes is extremely important, and one they will need for high school.

This week we will discuss choosing correct pronouns.  This will be the last lesson before the test.  8th graders will take a test over lessons 7-8, and then we will spend some time preparing for their test.

8th graders will begin reading Diary of Anne Frank.  This will take us into January.  They will also continue their research project with a group of their choice.  The topic of the research project is tied to Anne Frank and the WWII era.  The research papers are due by the time we are finished reading the novel.






















Bonus activities:  choose any of the bonus activities for your grade level. 

6th grade bonus activities:

Appositive Interview:  Interview an classmate.  Write your questions first, including some that will have the names of people, places, or things in the answer.
Use facts from the interview in an informative paragraph.  Include appositives, such as the ones in the example below.  Write the possessive nouns correctly.

Angela Perkins, a sixth-grader, lives on Maple Street.  Angela's main interest is pets.  She has pet chickens and takes care of Goldy, her family's cat.  She also walks two neighbors' dogs, Spike and Charlie.



7th grade bonus activities:

1. Choose two nouns that are opposites, such as morning and evening.  Write a seven-line poem about them.  Center each line to make a diamond.  Write one noun in line one and the other in line seven.  Write the following in lines 2-6:  Line two: two adjectives that describe  the noun in line one.  Line three:  three present participles that describe the noun in line one.  Line four: four nouns that relate to either the noun in line one or in line seven.  Line five: Three present participles that describe the noun in line seven.  Line six: two adjectives that describe the noun in line seven.


                                                                                    dark, mysterious

                                                                             falling, lasting, changing

                                                                       stars, sunshine, moonlight, mist

                                                                           breaking, shining, dawning

                                                                                     light, beautiful




8th grade bonus activities:

 1. Clause Capers:  Choose a subordinating conjunction from page 408.  Write a subordinate clause starting with that conjunction. Make each following word begin with the next letter of the conjunction. Underline the first letter of each word.  Then add an independent clause to form a complex sentence.  See how many sentences you can write using the same subordinating conjunction.


                                     Unless Ned Lehman eats some supper, he won't have energy for the soccer game.