Mrs. Jessica Roig - Preschool

Mrs. Jessica Roig - Preschool

Mrs. Jessica Roig - Preschool

Mrs. Jessica Roig - Preschool

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Social: Manners, Following Expectations, Greetings, Finger Recognition Directional Words, Left & Right, Counting to 10 with Fingers

Language Arts: Letter Recognition, ABC’s, Letter Sounds, Letter ‘E, Letter Review, Letter Chaining, Phonemic Awareness

Math: Counting to 100, Geometry, Shapes: Rectangle, Number Recognition and Matching, One to One Correspondence, Recognizing Quantities Without Counting, Divide a Whole In Half

Social Studies/Science: Eggs

Religion: Jesus Brings Us Peace

Art-  Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus


Important Dates :

  • Thursday, April 18th- Holy Thursday: Stations of the Cross
  • Friday, April 19th- Good Friday: No School
  • Sunday, April 21st- Easter
  • Monday, April 22nd- Easter Monday: No School



  • This week is a BOYS week for the library. Please have your son return their books to school.
  • Show and Share bag for this week will be the letter “E” Please help your child find one item that starts with the letter “E” and bring it to school the next day to share with the class.