Mrs. Julie Rhoades - Music

Mrs. Julie Rhoades - Music

Mrs. Julie Rhoades - Music

Mrs. Julie Rhoades - Music

Dates to Remember

CCJH & CCE Spring Musical
Tuesday, May 7  6:30 pm    CCS Cafeteria

Musical Full Cast rehearsals will be on the following days:
W 5/1    TH 5/2   F 5/3   and M 5/6     3:15 - 5 pm

Announcment - Musical Cast List

Life of the Party cast list


For new trimester, students will need the following: 

6th Grade - Drumming

Pocket folder with notebook paper


7th Grade - Keyboard/Guitar

Pocket folder with notebook page

8th Grade - Music Appreciation

 Spiral notebook

Link to My Shot below

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For Junior High...

 Music            Music Tech Teacher - Games & Quizzes      

Name the Note                



For Fun...   

Creating Music.Com              Music Games.Net      Disney Music  

Theta Music Trainer    Science of Music 




 Weird Alien Instrument


    From Inside a Guitar         




CCE Music Classes


All Kindergarten through 5th grade classes have a 30-minute music class each week. 



Kindergarten units for the year include “Off to School”, “Learning New Things”, “All About Me”, and “Ways to Travel”.  Our units include learning about ways to use our voice, long/short, high/low and beat.


1st Grade

Included in the units for 1st grade are “Music, Music Everywhere”, “Long and Short, High and Low”, “Tapping, Walking, Dancing”, and “Rainy Days, Sunny Days”.  The 1st grade curriculum includes many activities on beat, rhythm and tempo.


2nd Grade

In 2nd grade, our units include “Music is Mine to Share, “Let’s Play the Day Away”, “Take a New Path”, and “The Sky’s the Limit”.  New in the 2nd grade curriculum is an introduction to music reading.


3rd Grade

Throughout the year, our 3rd grade music units include “Games We Share”, “Going Places”, and “Everyday Music.” 


4th Grade

4th Grade is Recorder time!  Through the Recorder Karate curriculum, the students will learn to play melodies with up to 7 notes, earning "belts" as they complete each level.  Students will present a recital in May.  


5th Grade

In 5th Grade, we study American music.  Students will become familiar with forms of music that are uniquely American, including our patriot songs, folk songs, jazz, and more.



Music grades are given based on participation and effort.  If a child is following the classroom rules and is participating with the class, he/she will receive an A or S+ in music. 


CCJH Music & Classes



Class is open to all Jr. High students.  Focus of this class is to develop vocal and performance skills in a fun, group setting.  During the first semester, students work to prepare selections for our Christmas Concert in mid-December.  The performance  includes both seasonal and non-seasonal selections. 5th grade band and the CCE Chorus also perform at this concert.  During the second semester, students prepare a musical.  Along with the CCE Chorus, student show off their singing, dancing and drama skills in an April performance.  Chorus grades are based on participation, knowledge or music and skills demonstrated in performance.

6th Grade - Drumming

Our 6th grade students will focus on rhythm.  Students will learn rhythmic notation.  They will also experience playing different percussion instruments.  Students will learn drumming styles from around the world and experience playing these rhythms on small ensembles.  Grades are based on participation, ensemble playing and knowledge of rhythms and rhythm styles.

7th Grade - Keyboard/Guitar

In this class, students are able to learn to play basic keyboard, guitar, or both.  Students work at their own pace to learn to play their instrument, as well as learning basic music theory.  Instruction is individualized to each student.  Grades are based on participation and assessment at the end of each learning activity.

8th Grade - Music Appreciation

Students will explore the history of music, learning about composers and styles of the 6 historical periods. Students will also experience the music of each historical period through various hands-on activities.  A unit on the history of Rock music is also included.  Grades are based on participation, projects and tests based on class notes and discussions.


Year Long Plans for Music can be found under the Files Tab.