Mrs. Dana Kessinger - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dana Kessinger - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dana Kessinger - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dana Kessinger - 2nd Grade




Important August Dates:

Back to School Night--Thursday, Aug. 10th (4-6pm)

First Half Day of School--Thursday, Aug. 17th (dismissal at 11:30)

Parent Curriculum Night--Wednesday, Aug. 30th (6-8pm)



Click on the web address below for links to favorite games, songs and websites that go with what we are (and will be) learning at school this year:


Field trip drivers:

Go to

and then follow the directions from the 

"Be Smart-Drive Safe" video link below:



Be sure to check the homework tab below to see what is due and when!


Holy Trinity Parish:

First Reconciliation Parent meeting--(6:30) Oct. 23, 2017 @ Holy Trinity Parish Center

First Reconciliation--(9:00) Jan. 20, 2018

First Communion Parent meeting--(6:30) Feb.19, 2018 @ Holy Trinity Parish Center 

First Communion--(10:00) April 22, 2018 with rehearsal on April 21 @ 9:00


St. Patrick's of Merna Parish:

First Reconciliation Parent meeting--(6:30) Nov. 27, 2017 @ Shamrock Hall

First Reconciliation--(6:30) Jan. 25, 2018  OR  (9:00) Jan. 27, 2018

First Communion parent/child meeting--(6:30) Mar. 8, 2018

First Communion--(6:00) April 28, 2018 with rehearsal on April 27 @ 6:30  OR

                              (1:00) April 29, 2018 with rehearsal on April 28 @ 9:00



So what are we learning about in Second Grade right now?

Religion--We are finishing our unit on First Communion and the Mass.  We will be having the final test on Wednesday, May 3rd.  We will finish the year by preparing for our FHC celebration day on Thursday, May 11th, and hopefully having a little bit of time to learn about the rosary.

English--We have started working on dialogue sentences (including correct punctuation) during morning "Tune Ups."  We will be doing two mini units on adverbs and pronouns before finishing up the year.

Spelling--We have started working on the next set of units, which includes compound words, contractions, adding word endings and suffixes, as well as prefixes.  A final "end of the year" 50 word test will be over all words learned this year, so please make sure to continue to review all old lists.

Reading--We just finished up with fact and opinion and have been working on identifying main ideas and supporting details.  Guided Reading small groups will end at the end of April, but we will continue to review our comprehension skills during the final weeks of school (especially with nonfiction and informational text).

Writing--Come check out our creeds hanging in the main hallway.  The kids did an AWESOME job on them and their faith is inspiring!  We will be practicing writing good 3RD GRADE sentences and writing about our hopes for the summer during the month of May.

Math--We have finished with counting coins and doing fair trades problem solving and have moved on to telling time.  Part of this unit is working on other ways to say a time (quarter after, quarter til, half past, etc.) which can be very difficult for some students.  I strongly encourage parents to practice this skill, as well as counting coins, since we will have a final money and time test before the end of the school year.

Science/Social Studies--We have started a unit on Weather in Science.  So far we have enjoyed learning how to read a thermometer, but we have more to learn about wind, precipitation, clouds and the water cycle.  In Social Studies we are reviewing all of our Simple Solutions lessons, as well as focusing on explorers, colonists and the early days of our country. 

Extras-- As always, try to talk often with your child about the brain beads they are (or in some cases, are not) earning and what level in Rocket Math they are on.  Some students need a positive push in the right direction from home.  Most students are rocketing through multiplication at this point, although a few are finishing up subtraction.

Unit 1: sad, dig, jam, glad, list, win, flat, if, fix, was, want, been

Unit 2: 

Unit 3:  

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 7

Unit 8:  

Unit 9: 

Unit 10: 

Unit 11

Unit 13

Unit 14

Unit 15

Unit 16

Unit 17

Unit 19:

Unit 20

Unit 21: 

Unit 22:  

Unit 23:

Unit 25

Unit 26

Unit 32:

Unit 34

Unit 35



Daily Homework:

1. Practice Spelling words---final test on Friday

2. Work on the Common Core (Math/ELA) paper---due on Friday

                   3. Read the fluency homework with an adult---due on Friday                                     

 4. Complete assigned Simple Solutions lesson---due on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (quiz on every 5th day!)

5. Practice prayers and basic facts (until they are memorized) 

6. Read at least 10 minutes a day (and complete your log)

Wednesday, August 23rd:

Have you signed and returned the handbook note yet?  It is due by August 25th!

Are you working on the Math/ELA homework?  Remember, only do ONE SECTION a night and then return it on Friday.