4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

 Welcome Back!
Please make sure your parents are enrolled in Class Dojo!

4th Math:  Look over 1.2 

h ELA Hester: 

4th ELA Swanson:
Study I-PICK method for choosing a book - quiz on Friday 8/23
Set a reading stamina goal tonight - (15-20 min?) - parent sign planner if you meet your goal!  DOJO REWARD!!

4th Social Studies (The United States): 
*Midwest capitals & abbreviations test is Friday Sept. 13th...study some each night (see study guide for tips)

4th Science: Not our current subject

Religion (McClure):  28+30 due Thursday, quiz Friday (chapter 1)

Relgion (Rettig): None


5th ELA Hester:  Solutions book - lessons due by Wednesday
Rewrites of Fairy Tales due as soon as possible!!

5th ELA Swanson
Read your Good Fit Book for our Reading Challenge - The challenge begins on Monday, 8/26!!
Practice your pink sheet Picture Book Presentation Notes for sharing your book with group on Friday!

5th Math: workbook 1.2

5th Science (Ecosystems): Review your Ch.3 Lesson 1 notes for closed book worksheets Thursday

5th Social Studies
:  Not our current subject




Religion: 28+30 due Thursday, quiz Friday

4th Math:  Look over 1.2
5th Math: workbook 1.2

4C Homework-
*Butterfly clip (medium size) for planner by Friday
*Handbook note is due by Wednesday August 28th




                                                             SS textbook: 

                                     Thanks so much for your help and support!  smile 


 St. Dominic facts due Friday, May 10th
Memorare to be recited before May 21st. START LEARNING THIS PRAYER, little by little. 




4th grade WOW                                                          5th grade WOW
bustling-full of activity/busy                               predicament - a problem; dilemma
peculiar - strange or odd                                      meticulous - showing great attention to detail; 
timid - shy                                                                                very carful and precise
sweltering - very hot                                            haughty - thinks highly of oneself; arrogant
jagged - having sharp projecting points                advantageous - creating favorable situations that 
sole - single; one and only one                                                        increase chances for success
lurk - hide, keep out of sight                                fabricate - to lie; to build or construct
queasy - sick or uneasy feeling                             flabbergasted - surprised someone greatly
parch - to dry up or become thirsty                     plethora - plenty; abundance
glimpse - quick look                                              diligent - hard working; carefully doing one's work
dapper - neat, trim or dressed stylishly               candor - expressing one's true feelings
weary - tired or worn out                                     impeccable - flawless; spotless, highest standards
                                                                            indignant - annoyed or angry
                                                                            bewilder - to confuse; puzzled; shocked; dazed




We will begin learning the "Birthday Prayer" - we have several August birthdays!
Students will need to recite the prayer from memory sometime during the week of September 2nd.