4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th Math (McClure)-  page 181, #5,6,7
5th Math (McClure)- 5.1

4th Reading (Swanson)- Read the Scholastic News article:  "A Day of Giving"

5th Reading (Swanson)- Second Trimester Reading Challenge Update Letter.  Parent sign and return by Friday 12/13.
Reading Challenge - Book Talks?

4th English (Hester)-  Simple Solutions 65
WOW - LEARN ALL YOUR WORDS!!  Quiz December 16 (study all your words :)   
5th English (Hester)- Simple Solutions 65
WOW - LEARN ALL YOUR WORDS!! Quiz  Decembe 16th  (study all your words:)  https://quizlet.com/join/UsUzdcDvH

4th Social Studies/Midwest (Rettig)-None

5th Science/The Solar System (Rettig)

Religion/Music (Rettig)-See my tab below smile
Relgion/Music (McClure)-See tab below



Religion: quiz Friday, St. Michael Wednesday

4th Math: page 181, #5,6,7
5th Math: 5.1

4C Homework-
4C Religion-
*Learn either Hail, Holy Queen or Act of Hope prayer by T Dec. 17th

4C Social Studies (Illinois and the Midwest)-


4C Other-

   ~Gently Sleep next TH
   ~#10 next TH
   ~Orange song 2 next TH
   ~Merrily We Roll Along next TH 
   ~Composer Belt work on
   ~Test work on
   ~Green belt
   ~Purple belt




                                                             SS textbook: 

                                     Thanks so much for your help and support!  smile 


Saint Facts due Friday
Advent quiz week of December 16th



Religion- Advent and Jesse Tree Quiz on Monday, December 16.