4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th ELA Hester: Solutions  #88-90 Due Monday
Field Trip paragraph Due Monday (at least 6 sentences including a Hook and Conclusion)
WOW quiz on February 28th

4th ELA Swanson: Kindness Rock worksheet
Read :)  Make sure you have a good fit book next week!
4th Math: M4T1, sign test
4th Social StudiesField Trip TH...have appropriate clothes, boots, and lunch

4th Science(Sound): None

5th ELA Hester:  Solutions  #89-90 Due Monday
WOW quiz on February 28th
Portfolio Question :)

5th ELA Swanson: 
DOJO Portfolio response
Kindness Rock Worksheet
Read your novel for BOOK TALK WITH BLING project - READING BEACH has begun!

5th Math: M4Tquiz Monday
5th Social Studies: Not current subject
5th Science (Elements): none

4th Religion: 
4th Math: 
4th Social Studies: 
4th ELA Swanson: 
4th ELA Hester: 

5th Religion:
5th Math

5th Social Studies
5th ELA Swanson: 
5th ELA Hester:





4th Math:
M4T1, sign test
5th Math: M4Tquiz Monday



*Practice recorder (keep it in your bag when you're done smile)





                                                             SS textbook: 

                                     Thanks so much for your help and support!  smile 


 Beatitude quiz on February 14th




4th grade WOW                                                          5th grade WOW
bustling-full of activity/busy                               predicament - a problem; dilemma
peculiar - strange or odd                                      meticulous - showing great attention to detail; 
timid - shy                                                                                very carful and precise
sweltering - very hot                                            haughty - thinks highly of oneself; arrogant
jagged - having sharp projecting points                advantageous - creating favorable situations that 
sole - single; one and only one                                                        increase chances for success
lurk - hide, keep out of sight                                fabricate - to lie; to build or construct
queasy - sick or uneasy feeling                             flabbergasted - surprised someone greatly
parch - to dry up or become thirsty                     plethora - plenty; abundance
glimpse - quick look                                              diligent - hard working; carefully doing one's work
dapper - neat, trim or dressed stylishly               candor - expressing one's true feelings
weary - tired or worn out                                     impeccable - flawless; spotless, highest standards
                                                                            indignant - annoyed or angry
                                                                            bewilder - to confuse; puzzled; shocked; dazed





Our Class Mass is Wednesday, 2/27.
Students Participating:
Opening - Brooke
1st Reading - Addison
Responsorial Psalm - KC
Prayers of the Faithful - Rylee and Maddie
Gift Bearers:  Calla, Nate and Carly