Admissions - Policy

Admissions - Policy

Admissions - Policy

Admissions - Policy

Admissions Opening and Closing Checklist

Thank you for volunteering to help make the Corpus Christi School athletic program successful.
These instructions were prepared to make your set-up activities easier and to make the set-up and the clean-up/closing activities of others easier as well. Please follow these instructions carefully. This book also contains the Family Pass list. Keep this book at the Admissions table for the duration of the event.
Admissions should be set-up at least 45-60 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the first game/event of the day and closed after half-time of the last event of the day.

Admissions Opening
Admissions Table

  • The large black Admissions table on wheels is normally located near gym.
  • The admissions table can be placed near the entrance doors closest to the gym. However, to prevent snow rain dirt etc from being tracked onto the gym floor, both sets of doors closet to the gym must be locked for very specific reasons:
    • helps reduce drafts for volunteers at the Admissions table
    • helps reduce drafts for fans and players in the gym
    • minimizes water/snow from being tracked onto the gym floor at the gym entrance
    • helps reduce congestion at the gym entrance
    • serves to maximize traffic flow past concessions in the cafeteria.

Money Box

  • Get the cash box labeled “Admissions” out of the steel cabinet in the storage room. (Ask Cathy to open the door or unlock the steel cabinet and open the combination lock to the box – Cathy has combo. Call John Kuntz at 532-4626 if Cathy is not available )
  • Verify the start-up amount ($80.00 in bills – quarters are not needed)
  • Get an “Admissions” Deposit envelope and a “Family Pass Deposit” envelope out of the binder for the end of the night.

Admissions Signs and Prices

  • Laminated signs are stored either on the admissions table or in the CCACcabinets in the storage room.
  • Use masking tape (located in the CCACcabinets) to post the laminated Admissions/Entrance and arrow signs on the inside glass of all of the doors along the east wall corridor and directing people to use the entrance doors Label the entrance as the set of doors at the north end of the hallway that contains the trophy cases.
  • Post the laminated ADMISSIONS price sign on the front of the Admissions table as follows:
  • All 5th- 8th grade boys and girls events (except SVC and IESA tournament games)
  • $2 children (thru 8th grade) and Seniors
  • $3 high school and adults
  • We accept checks (payable to HTAC)
  • Check with Cathy for SVC or IESA tournament prices and signs

Doors • Have Cathy, one of the teachers, or one of the custodians lock all 4 doors closet to the gym. Unlock only the double door nearest the trophy cases in that section of the hallway. These will be the only entrance and exit doors (except for emergencies) and all signs on all the doors should reflect this.
Red Cones • Place 6 red cones inside and 6 red cones outside of both sets of double doors closest to the gym to direct people from using those doors as an entrance or exit entrance during the event. These can be removed near the end of the last event of the day. Cathy Naleway can help locate these cones if they are not near the doors and the gym.
Floor Mats • Make sure any extra floor mats are moved in front of the entrance doors and laid out to create a “path” to the gym to allow as much water/dirt/ snow as possible to stay off of the floor and out of the gym. This also creates a more safe egress to keeps slips down to minimum. • Cathy or Carl can assist with getting extra mats if needed.
Family Passes • Names for Family Passes are located in the Admissions binder. • The binder should remain at the Admissions table for the duration of the season. • Those who have purchased a family pass for the season need only to identify themselves and their name verified in the Family Pass roster. • No guest passes. Family Passes are for immediate family only. Friends are not family. They pay regular admissions. • Anyone desiring to purchase a family pass may do so at anytime during the season. Add the adults and all children names to the Family Pass roster in the binder. Family Passes are $50.00 per family. • Keep track of Family Pass money separately from the regular admissions.
Players/Coaches/Referees • All players and cheerleaders in uniform (for that event only – no exceptions), coaches, referees, school teachers and administrators and bus drivers are admitted free to all HTS events. If a player is not playing in that event that day, they pay admissions. • Use your best judgment in identifying these individuals.
SVC and IESA Tournaments • Admission for SVC and IESA tournament events is a little different than regular home events. Most notably, no family passes are accepted for SVC Tournament or IESA Tournament events. • Admissions for these events are set by SVC and IESA. We will honor SVC and IESA guidelines. • This is because the conference or IESA either gets all of the admissions or a share of the admissions for these events and their rules stipulate not honoring family passes. • IESA Passes are the only passes accepted for IESA tournament events. 



Admissions Closing


  • Admissions can be closed after half-time of the last game of the day or at the end of the 2nd volleyball game.
  • Remove all admissions signs from the doors and put them in the CCACAdmissions Binder. Keep the Admissions Binder at the Admissions table.
  • Move the red cones away from the doors
  • Return the Admissions Table to the area near the gym.
  • Count the Regular admissions money
  • Count $80 in bills for start-up cash to remain in the cash box for the next event as follows:
  • 4-$5s
  • 60-$1s
  • Do not need to count the coins
  • The remaining cash (bills only) should be counted, placed, and sealed in the marked “Admissions Deposit” envelope.
  • On the label or the front of the sealed envelope, write:
  • The name of the event (e.g. “6th grade boys basketball” etc)
  • The date of the event (e.g. “11-19-20064” etc.)
  • The amount enclosed in the envelope (e.g. “$168.00”)
  • Your initials
  • The sealed envelope should be placed in the blue expandable folder in the CCACMarketing/ Concessions cabinet in the storage room.
  • Count the Family Pass Money
  • Family Pass money should be counted (paper money or checks), placed, and sealed in the “Family Passes Deposit” envelope.
  • On the label or the front of the sealed envelope, write:
  • The name of the event (6th grade boys basketball” etc)
  • The date of the event (11-19-2006 etc.)
  • The amount enclosed in the envelope ($175.00 -- 7 passes x $25.00 ea = $175.00)
  • Your initials
  •  The sealed envelope should be placed in the blue expandable folder in the CCACcabinet in the storage room.
  • Return the locked cash box and the Admissions Binder (which includes the Family Pass list) to the CCACMarketing/Concessions cabinet in the storage room for the next event
  • Cathy has the key to the CCACcabinet.