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The purpose of the Commission is to serve as an advisory board responsible for formulating policies governing operations of the Corpus Christi Catholic School.  The Commission seeks to create a better understanding of Catholic education within the Parishes of Holy Trinity Church and St. Patrick Church of Merna and the community. 

The commission makes recommendations about policies relating to the planning, building, operating and maintenance of the facilities and equipment of Corpus Christi Catholic School.  It also makes recommendations for the annual budget, reviews personnel policies and determines how best to disperse information to parishes.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month. While not open to the public, minutes may be published on our school website.
Committee Members: Three parish representatives from each of the parishes and three at-large representatives are voting members of the Commission serving three-year terms.  Representatives are appointed by the Pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in consultation with the Pastor of St. Patrick Church of Merna.


Corpus Christi Catholic School
Advisory Commission on Education


Fr. Dustin Schultz
St. Patrick Catholic Church of Merna
1001 N. Towanda-Barnes Rd. Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone:  662-7361


Fr. Jeffrey Stirniman
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
711 N. Main St.
Bloomington, IL 61702
Phone:  829-2197

Principal Corpus Christi Catholic School
  Mr. Richard Morehouse​,  Mrs. Adrienne Wilson

Holy Trinity Church Representatives

Mrs. Sarah Pilcher

Dr. Scott Peterson

Mrs. Anne Campbell

Mrs. Mary Wurth

St. Patrick Church of Merna Representatives

Mrs. Jennifer Bonenfant

Mr. Tyler Donahue

Member at Large:  Dr. Lynette Mehall


CCACBy-Laws    CCACWelcome Letter





You ARE a member of School Club

Every parent with a child enrolled in the school is a School Club member. School Club does a great deal for our students, faculty, and staff throughout the year. The primary purpose of School Club is enriching the lives of our children by offering different enrichment programs. These programs are made possible by the volunteer efforts of parents and are also funded by the annual Track-A-Thon fundraiser each fall. In addition, School Club also offers financial support for our school.

School Club oversees a mentoring program for new families to our school. Once your child has been enrolled, a current school family will contact you and assist your family with questions you may have now and throughout the school year.

To continue to be a successful organization, School Club depends on dedicated volunteers such as you. There are many opportunities to become involved or volunteer.

School Club General Committees
Angel Network
This committee sends out flowers and cards as needed.

Beautification The enhancements to the buildings and grounds at both buildings are the work of this committee.

Head Room ParentsThere are head room parents for both buildings. They coordinate the room parent responsibilities, and organize some goodies for the teachers throughout the year.

Hospitality - The hospitability committee is responsible for the beginning and end of year tailgates. They also organize the teacher appreciation breakfast to kick off the year.

Lunch Room Volunteers for the lunch room each day are recruited through this committee.

Mentor This program pairs new families with established families to provide information and support as they learn the ins and outs of the school.

ProgramsMany of the outstanding assemblies the children benefit from are the work of this committee.

School SuppliesOne stop shopping is the goal of this group. They work with teachers to update the supply list, and then fill and deliver the orders.

Scouts – The Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs are supported by this committee.

Uniforms – One of the most appreciated services, this committee organizes the uniform exchange at Back to School Night.

Fundraising Committees
Box Tops & Labels for Education The responsible person collects the clippings from both buildings and submits them to the companies for a returned profit.

Schwans Cares–The coordinator of this program organizes the different campaigns and distributes the flyers and information to our families. Sales from this program have helped fund the purchase of mulch for our playground, new desks and chairs for classrooms, and more.

Meet and Eats Working with various venues in the area, this committee organizes opportunities for the school club to receive a percentage of the profit from the dining of our families.

Scrip –Scrip is gift certificates from national and local retailers. These retailers agree to sell their gift certificates to non-profit organizations like ours at a discount. The school then sells those certificates at face value, resulting in a profit for our school and church.

Track-a-thon –  this committee has the important task of organizing and running this fun September event.

School Club Officers and Committees 2018-19

2018 - 2019 School Club Calendar - click HERE to see all our events for the year.

Meeting Schedule::
8/29 , 5:00 in Cafeteria    click HERE for meeting minutes
10/24, 6:00 in Cafeteria   click HERE for meeting minutes
12/12, 6:00 in Cafeteria   - meeting cancelled
​02/20, 6;00 in Cafeteria  - click HERE for meeting minutes
​04.24, 6:00 in Cafeteria